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Who are we?



We're a small team of industry veterans that just want to make good games. We've worked at large companies, midsize companies, and even a startup here and there. We've been around the block over the last 10 years and in the end we all come to the same conclusion. We want to make games for gamers, not corporations.


Bringing our games to You

Every company says it, but we really mean it! We want to make a game with, and for other gamers. Games are our hobby, as well as our job. We want to make, and play games, everybody can enjoy. We're too old to be good at games so now we concentrate on building them for everybody else!



We've worked on action games, RPG games, shooter games, wanna-be games, and whatever else piqued our interest. We've worked in XNA, Unity, Unreal, Crytek/Lumberyard, etc.. We've released games on PS4, XBOX and PC. We've seen just about everything the industry has and now we want to bring players something they haven't seen yet!